Privacy Policy


FinCrif India Private Limited (hereinafter referred to as “FinCrif India Pvt Ltd” or “we/our,” including and the FinCrif mobile application) acknowledges the significance of privacy. This privacy policy (hereinafter referred to as the “Policy”) elucidates how we safeguard the personal data provided to us on our website (hereinafter referred to as the “Site”) or via the mobile application, and how this information is integral to the services offered through the Website (hereinafter referred to as the "Service"). FinCrif India Pvt Ltd is dedicated to preserving the confidentiality, integrity, and security of all information from our users.


FinCrif India Pvt Ltd is an independent professional services provider and is not affiliated with any government or governmental agency, regulator, or credit reporting agency. The information presented on this website does not ensure the accuracy of the content, details, and calculations, and is subject to change without prior notice.


This notice is issued and construed by the provisions of the Information Technology Principles (Reasonable Security Practices and Procedures and Sensitive Personal Information) 2011 under the Information Technology Act 2000 and other applicable laws and regulations mandating the disclosure of privacy practices in the collection, use, retention, disclosure, and transmission of sensitive personal data or information.


This policy does not extend to the practices of companies that FinCrif India Pvt Ltd does not own or control or to individuals whom FinCrif India Pvt Ltd does not employ or manage.


Please refer below for details on the type of information we may collect from you, how that information is utilized in connection with the Services offered through our Site, and other information shared with our business partners. This Privacy Policy applies to current and former visitors to our Site and to our online customers. By visiting and/or utilizing our website, you consent to this privacy policy, permitting our partner banks/NBFCs and advertisers to contact you via call/text/email, offering their services, providing information about products, offering promotions, and related offers from third parties. Even if you have opted for the DND (Do Not Disturb) or DNC (Do Not Call) service, you authorize us to receive your call/text/email on FinCrif India Pvt Ltd & partnering with banks/NBFCs and advertisers for the aforementioned purposes. Persons responsible for storing personal data: Your personal data is stored and collected by FinCrif India Pvt Ltd or via the mobile application with the parent company FinCrif India Private Limited, which owns FinCrif India Pvt Ltd. Some features of this website or our services necessitate the provision of personal information, which is provided in the "Your Account" section of our website.


Use of Information

FinCrif India Pvt Ltd collects your information when you register for an account, use its products or services, or visit its Website’s pages. When you register with the Website and sign in, you are not anonymous to us. Additionally, you are requested for your contact number and other details during registration and may receive SMS, emails, notifications, WhatsApp messages about our services on your wireless device.


To establish identity and assess applications; Monitor, improve, and administer our Website; Design and offer customized products and services provided by our third-party partners; Manage our risks, including the risk of fraud that may be perpetrated against us or our partners; Analyze how the Website is utilized, diagnose service or technical issues, and maintain security; Send communications, notifications, information regarding the products or services requested by you, or process queries and applications made by you on the Website; Manage our relationship with you and provide you with or inform you about other products or services we believe you might find useful; Conduct data analysis to enhance the services provided to the user; Utilize the user information to comply with country laws and regulations; Conduct KYC for our third-party partners based on the information shared by the user for the provision of services. This includes analyzing your bank statements and eKYC. FinCrif India Pvt Ltd can perform KYC directly or through third parties with its customers. If the KYC, as described in this clause, is performed by third parties, FinCrif India Pvt Ltd will share your relevant information with those third parties to utilize those services; We may also employ other technologies to track how you interact with the Site and engage certain third-party agencies to analyze data on our behalf to determine how you use the site.


Collection of Information

Personal Information:

When you use the Website or Mobile App to apply for a loan, we collect information about you that can be used to uniquely identify or contact you, such as, but not limited to: Name, City, Address, Date of Birth, Aadhar Information (optional), Contact Information, Billing Information, Marital Status, PAN Number, Name of Bank where you have your main account, Bank Statements, Payslips, Income information and expenses obtained through bank SMS scraping and integration with our service provider, other KYC documents, etc.; Your employment details, including years of experience, income details, name of your current employer, office address, details of the years/months you worked at your current employer; Information about your tax return; Credit information collected from other sources such as the Equifax credit reporting agency; transaction history information, such as Expense data, call history, contact list, and other related information through our mobile application; Your unique identifiers such as username and password, preference information, and transaction history; personal identification numbers, passcode numbers, bank account numbers, time zone, zip code, country, state, city, email address, date of birth, and gender, and other similar electronic data.


Non-Personal Information:

We collect information such as internet domain and host names, internet protocol (IP) addresses, browser software, operating system types, click patterns, and the date and time you access the website. (Uses – marketing, remarketing, web analytics to improve customer experience, as well as advertising social media data information collected via Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or other social accounts from users who have logged into the account on the website and/or in the App. We may receive your Personal Information from those social media sites/apps in accordance with the privacy policies of those sites/apps. By accessing or connecting to the website via a social media website/application, you authorize us to collect, store, use, and archive such information and content in accordance with this policy.


Sharing of Information with Partner Banks and NBFCs:

We may share certain customer data with partner banks and NBFCs to provide or check loan eligibility. This may include but is not limited to personal information, financial information, employment details, credit history, and any other relevant data necessary for loan processing and assessment. By availing our services or using our website, you consent to the sharing of your information with our partner banks and NBFCs for these purposes.


FinCrif India Pvt Ltd will retain your information for as long as necessary to provide the services available through the website/mobile application or until your request to delete your FinCrif India Pvt Ltd account, whichever is later. After closing your account, FinCrif India Pvt Ltd may continue to use your anonymized data in aggregate form or in combination with other users' anonymized data. We use this aggregated anonymous data for data analysis, profiling, and research purposes, for example, to better understand our users and their profiles. We may store your contact details and complaints details (if applicable) for the purpose of fraud prevention and to exercise/defend legal claims or to provide evidence in connection with a legal proceeding.


Updates to this Policy

This Privacy Policy was last updated on 4/14/2023. We may modify our privacy practices periodically. We will notify you of any substantial changes to this policy as required by law. Additionally, we will post an updated copy on our website. Please check our website regularly for updates.