Finnable Personal Loan

With affordable interest rates, Finnable offers personal loans. Additionally, Finnable provides paperless digital loan processing along with online, quick personal loan. Finnable with interest rates starting at 1.3% to 2.3% per month onwards. A maximum loan from Rs. 50,000 - Rs. 10 Lakhs with a maximum 5 years repayment period is available to you.

Interest Rate 1.3% to 2.3% per month onwards
Maximum Loan Rs. 50,000 - Rs. 10 Lakhs
Processing Fees 3% - 4%
Maximum Loan Tenure 5 years

Loan Disbursal in 3 hrs*
100% Online Process

A Four-Step Guide to Efficient Financing

Complete Your Basic Details
Check Your Soft Eligibilty
Complete Your Details
Get Disbursal in account

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Documents Required for Finnable Personal Loan:

  1. Aadhaar Card:
    • Provides proof of identity and is a mandatory document for personal loan application.
  2. PAN Card:
    • Essential for financial transactions and serves as proof of identity and tax compliance.
  3. Address Proof:
    • Validates the borrower's residential address and is necessary for loan processing.
  1. In today's fast-paced world, access to instant financial assistance can be a game-changer. With Finnable's revolutionary Personal Loan App, salaried individuals can now navigate their financial needs with unprecedented ease and efficiency. This innovative app provides a seamless platform for applying for a personal loan, eliminating the hassles of paperwork, document submission, and tedious bank visits. Whether it's covering unexpected expenses, consolidating debt, or seizing opportunities, Finnable's Personal Loan App empowers users to take control of their finances with just a few taps on their smartphones.

    Instant Access to Funds: With Finnable's Personal Loan App, gone are the days of waiting in long queues or enduring complex application processes. Within minutes, users can complete the entire loan application process from the comfort of their homes or on the go. Thanks to advanced technology and streamlined procedures, users receive instant loan approval, providing them with the financial assistance they need precisely when they need it.

    Paperless and Convenient: Say goodbye to stacks of paperwork and endless document submissions. Finnable's Personal Loan App offers a paperless solution, sparing users from the cumbersome task of gathering and submitting physical documents. Instead, users can simply upload digital copies of their essential documents directly through the app, ensuring a hassle-free and eco-friendly process. The convenience of applying for a personal loan anytime, anywhere, without the need for bank visits, makes Finnable's app a game-changer in the world of personal finance.

    Lightning-Fast Processing: In today's digital age, speed is of the essence. Finnable understands this urgency and ensures that its Personal Loan App delivers lightning-fast processing. With an intuitive interface and efficient algorithms, the app swiftly evaluates users' eligibility and disburses funds without delay. Whether it's an emergency expense or a time-sensitive opportunity, users can trust Finnable's app to deliver prompt and reliable financial assistance.

    Salary-Based Approval: Finnable's Personal Loan App leverages users' salary information to determine loan eligibility and approval. By analyzing income levels and repayment capacity, the app offers personalized loan offers tailored to each user's financial situation. This salary-based approach ensures responsible lending practices while providing users with access to the funds they need based on their current income.

    Accessible on Google Play and App Store: Finnable's Personal Loan App is accessible to a wide audience, catering to both Android and iOS users. Whether you're an Android enthusiast or an Apple aficionado, you can download the app from Google Play or the App Store, respectively. This cross-platform availability ensures that users from all walks of life can benefit from Finnable's innovative financial solutions.

    In conclusion, Finnable's Personal Loan App revolutionizes the borrowing experience by offering instant access to funds, a paperless application process, lightning-fast processing, salary-based approval, and cross-platform accessibility. With Finnable's app in hand, users can confidently navigate their financial journey, knowing that reliable and convenient assistance is just a few taps away.

Eligibility Criteria:

Residency: Applicants must be residents of India.

Income Stability: Demonstrated stable income from public or private employment.

Age Requirement: Minimum age of 21 years and above.

Credit Score: Maintain a CIBIL score of 700 or above.

  1. Finnable Personal Loan Processing Fee & Charges:

    1. Processing Fee:
      • Ranges from 3% to 4% of the principal loan amount.
    2. Prepayment Charges:
      • Varies from 3% to 6% on the remaining principal amount, plus 18% GST.

    These fees and charges are important to consider when availing a personal loan from Finnable, ensuring transparency and informed decision-making regarding the overall cost of borrowing.

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