Fullerton India Personal Loan

With affordable interest rates, Fullerton India offers personal loans. Additionally, Fullerton India provides paperless digital loan processing along with online, quick personal loan. Fullerton India with interest rates starting at 11.99% - 25% onwards. A maximum loan from Rs 50,000 to 25 lacs with a maximum 1 to 5 year repayment period is available to you.

Interest Rate 11.99% - 25% onwards
Maximum Loan Rs 50,000 to 25 lacs
Processing Fees 6%
Maximum Loan Tenure 1 to 5 year

Loan Disbursal in 3 hrs*
100% Online Process

A Four-Step Guide to Efficient Financing

Complete Your Basic Details
Check Your Soft Eligibilty
Complete Your Details
Get Disbursal in account

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Documents Required for Fullerton India Personal Loan 

Here are the paperwork requirements for a personal loan from Fullerton India:

  • Identity documentation (Aadhaar card, voter ID, driver's licence, passport)

  • Card PAN

  • (PAN Card/Passport) Signature Proof

  • (Aadhaar card, passport copy, driver's licence, voter ID, utility bill, rent agreement, and ration card)

  • Last six months' worth of bank statements

Online access for Fullerton India Personal Loan is simple, and payback terms are adaptable with a competitive interest rate. A maximum loan amount of Rs. 25 lakh is made available by the lender to the borrowers. Applying for  Fullerton Personal Loan online is open to both salaried and independent workers. For consideration for a personal loan, applicants must make at least Rs. 20,000 per month. To experience a hassle-free personal loan journey, borrowers must satisfy the necessary eligibility requirements. To avoid last-minute trouble, have your documents close at reach.

Feature and benefit of Fullerton India Personal Loan 

Fullerton India Personal Loan interest rates are low, little paperwork requirements, and speedy approval are just a few of the advantages and features. Here are some of the key characteristics for Fullerton India Personal Loan that make it the finest choice to make:

 LoanDisbursement Rates: When compared to other non-banking financial institutions, Fullerton India has one of the fastest loan disbursal rates. Personal loans can be accepted and released for pre-qualified customers in as little as one working day, while new customers must wait a minimum of four working days before receiving their funds.

Low Interest Rates: Those seeking personal loans from Fullerton India can take advantage of affordable interest rates. Fullerton India is aware of the need of maintaining low interest rates and providing optimum benefits to customers because a significant portion of its clientele are from smaller and semi-urban regions.

Online Loan Application Service: Users who are interested in a personal loan from Fullerton India can apply online, eliminating the need to visit a branch office. Such a feature not only expedites the loan application process and makes it more convenient for the borrower, it also cuts down on the time needed for loan approval and disbursement, benefiting both the client and the business.

Process of applying Fullerton India Personal Loan 

For professionals who are salaried or self-employed, a Fullerton India personal loan offers a number of advantages. Nowadays, applying for a personal loan online is a lot simpler and easier than it formerly was. To learn more about the steps, please read on.

  • Visit the official website Fincrif.com .

  • Firstly , login with your name and number .

  • Then fulfill your employment type.

  • Verify OTP.

  • Upload all the documents and submit .

  • Last , you will get a call from the Fincrif team and help you to proceed next.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ ) 

  1. Is a personal loan from Fullerton India available to me?

ANS. For personal loans from Fullerton India, all Indian citizens between the ages of 21 and 60 who meet the minimal requirements are eligible. The minimum monthly salary for salaried individuals should be Rs. 15,000 or more. For self-employed people or professionals who are currently employed, the minimum monthly income should be Rs. 20,000.

  1. What is the largest loan that a person can obtain from Fullerton India?

ANS. For salaried people, Fullerton India offers personal loans with maximum sums of Rs. 25 lakh.

All borrowers can choose from Fullerton India's personal loans because they have terms ranging from 12 to 60 months.

  1. How can I make a personal loan repayment to Fullerton India?

ANS. Individual loans obtained in Fullerton may be repaid in equal monthly installments with a monthly decreasing interest rate. Customers can use the online funds transfer feature or a cheque deposit to pay their Fullerton India Personal Loan EMI to Fullerton India immediately online.

Dedicated Customer Support: This business provides customers with a helpline that is available around-the-clock, allowing them to get all the information they need by phone or email.

Eligibility Criteria for Fullerton Personal Loan  

Here are the eligibility of Fullerton Bank Personal Loan: 

  • There is a 21-year-old age requirement when applying for a personal loan. 

  • Sixty years is the maximum age allowed. 

  • The minimal net monthly income for candidates residing in Mumbai and Delhi is 20,000 rupees, while the minimum net monthly income for all other applicants is Rs. 15,000.

  • A solid credit rating is necessary.

  • You ought to run a successful and stable business. 

Fees and Charges of Fullerton Personal Loan 

Interest Rate (Monthly reducing balance)11.99% - 25% per annum
Processing Fees3% - 6%
Loan Tenure1 year to 5 years
Pre-closure ChargesWithin 6 months from the date of agreement - Not allowed

For 7 to 17 months from the date of agreement - 7% of the outstanding principal amount

For 18 to 23 months from the date of agreement - 5% of the outstanding principal amount

For 24 to 35 months from the date of agreement - 3% of the outstanding principal amount

After 3 years from the date of agreement - No pre-closure charges applicable
Guarantor RequirementNo guarantor required

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