Flexi Personal Loan

A flexible personal loan is a contemporary lending option that gives borrowers the flexibility to withdraw money whenever they need it. A Flexi Personal Loan offers a pre-approved credit limit, in contrast to standard loans that give you an upfront lump sum and require you to pay interest on the full amount right away. You can take out money up to this limit, pay it back, and even take it out again—all without paying interest on anything other than the amount that was actually used. Because of its flexibility, it's an affordable and practical choice for handling a range of financial requirements, empowering you to manage your money more effectively. Let's examine this creative loan offer in more detail and learn about the advantages it might give your financial path.

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Benefit of Flexi Personal Loan

Compared to personal loans or any other form of loan, flexible loans, or Flexi loans, have the following benefits

Availability of Liquid Cash

If you take out a flexi personal loan, you have the option to make multiple withdrawals from your loan balance, so you will always have access to liquid money.

Reasonably Low Interest Rate

The interest rates on Flexi personal loans are comparatively low. It's also critical to remember that interest will only be applied to the amount you actually withdraw from your loan balance. Furthermore, a majority of lenders offering flexible personal loans also charge interest on a daily basis.

No Prepayment Fees

Flexi personal loans don't charge you extra if you decide to repay the loan balance at any time that works best for you.

No Collateral Needed

Lenders will grant you a flexi personal loan without requiring you to give them any security or collateral.

Multipurpose Loans

The providers of Flexi personal loans do not impose any restrictions on the uses of the loan money that has been disbursed. Consequently, you can utilize a flexi personal loan to pay for travel expenses, unanticipated medical bills, etc.

Eligibility Criteria For Flexi Personal Loans

Certain requirements must be satisfied in order to be qualified for a FinCrif personal loan. Among them are

Applicant Age

The applicant must be between the ages of 21 and 58 at the time of loan application, as this is the highest age that can be reached when the loan matures.

Work Experience

The applicant must have worked for their current job consistently for at least six months out of a total of one year.


A minimum net monthly income of Rs. 20,000 is required of the applicant.

Employment Category

The applicant must work full-time for a company, limited liability partnership, private or public limited company, or other comparable organization.


Personal loans are only available to inhabitants of India.

Credit Score

For approval of a FinCrif personal loan, most lenders demand a minimum credit score of 650 or higher. Repayment of existing debts on time, a low credit utilization ratio, and avoiding payment default are all recommended for persons seeking to raise their credit score.

Fulfilling these qualifying requirements can boost the chances of loan approval and guarantee that your application for a personal loan is accepted.

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Document Required for Flexi Personal Loan

Having all the necessary documentation is crucial to a good application process when asking for a personal loan. The typical documentation required to apply for a personal loan is listed below

KYC Documents

PAN Card
Aadhar Card

Address Proof

An Indian passport, a rent agreement, or an electricity bill

Income Proof

the most recent pay stub from the employer

Bank Statement

Current three months' worth of original bank statements in PDF format.

Employment Proof

Offer document
Salary slip for each month
A duplicate of the employment agreement

How to Apply for Flexi Personal Loan

  • Visit the official website Fincrif.com .
  • Firstly , login with your name and number .
  • Then fill your employment type.
  • Verify OTP.
  • Upload all the documents and submit .
  • Last , you will get a call from the Fincrif team and help you to proceed next.