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Similar to Visa or American Express, MasterCard operates a payment network. It serves as a connection between your bank, the company that issues your credit card, debit card, or prepaid card, and the shop or business from which you are making a purchase.

Similar to Visa or American Express, MasterCard operates a payment network. It serves as a connection between your bank, the company that issues your credit card, debit card, or prepaid card, and the shop or business from which you are making a purchase.

Your ability to pay for the store's goods and services is shown by the presence of the MasterCard logo on your credit card and by the fact that the retailer accepts MasterCard. Look at your card's emblem if you're unsure of which payment network you're on.

How does Mastercard Work ?

Your bank and the bank of the seller or merchant are both engaged in the majority of sales. MasterCard facilitates the transaction as a payment network, so when you make a purchase, the money moves easily from your account to the retailer's account. 

When you pay with a MasterCard:

  • Verify with your credit card company that you have enough money on hand or access to credit to make the purchase.

  • Notifies the vendor that the payment is possible  

  • Enables the transaction between the card issuer and the merchant

What types of cards use MasterCard?

Numerous different card kinds support MasterCard. These incorporate

  • Credit cards

Where you spend money utilising your pre-approved credit limit on your card. Then, you consent to paying back the debt later. 

  • Debit card

Here, when you use your card to make a purchase, your current account is immediately debited.

  • Prepaid cards

With these cards, you preload money onto the card, which you can then use to make purchases whenever you like.

Where can you use MasterCard?

One of the largest payment networks in the world, MasterCard is accepted virtually everywhere, including online, in stores, and at ATMs. More establishments often take Mastercard, Visa, and other credit cards than American Express.  

In spite of this, the costs that payment networks charge retailers and merchants can alter, which may cause shops to stop utilising a network they had previously used. 

What benefits does MasterCard offer?

The Standard, World, and World Elite credit cards from MasterCard come in three different levels. All card kinds offer the following benefits as standard:  

  • Absolute innocence of fraud

Your liability will be eliminated by MasterCard's zero liability guarantee if your debit or credit card is used fraudulently. If someone uses your MasterCard to make unauthorised transactions anywhere—in a store, on the phone, or online—you are not liable.   

  • 24-hour helpline

Whenever you need it, you can contact customer support, which is available 24/7. They can help you report a lost or stolen card, replace it in an emergency, or obtain you an emergency cash advance. MasterCard is also available to answer any inquiries you may have regarding cards, such as where the closest cash machine is.   

  • Experiences and materials that are exclusive

In more than 45 locations across the world, MasterCard has created, where members may choose from a variety of free and reduced experiences whether they are interested in arts and culture, sports, food, travel, or retail. 

You will be given more benefits if you use MasterCard World and World Elite. It's better to check when you apply for a certain credit card because they differ according to the card type and the bank offering it.

What’s the difference between MasterCard and Visa?

There are no differences between the ways in which you can utilise MasterCard and Visa. Your four-digit personal identification number is all that is required at the time of sale for payment processing, whether it be online, contactless, or chip and pin. However, there are other distinctions as well, such as: 


While MasterCard and Visa both give their users various perks, the benefits offered by the bank that issued your card—such as cashback, loyalty points, or air miles—are typically more valuable and, as a result, are more significant when making a credit card decision.  

Inflation level

When you use MasterCard or Visa abroad, the currency rates are a little bit different. Nevertheless, both are rather close to the market rate that currency traders use.


There are millions of transactions each day that are made possible by the two largest payment networks in the world, MasterCard and Visa. In the past, there was not much of a difference in their coverage, and Visa was typically accepted anywhere MasterCard existed. American Express, in contrast, has exorbitant transaction costs that prevent many retailers from accepting it. 


There aren't many differences between Visa and MasterCard, so it's best for the majority of credit card users to base their choice on other considerations like the type of credit card they want—such as one for rewards, purchases, or balance transfers—and the lowest interest rates or APR offered.

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