How Personal Loans Have Changed Throughout Time in India


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Dec 23

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Owing to the enormous demand for personal loans and the abundance of lenders, each one develops creative strategies to increase the number of loans it offers via digital channels.

In a fluid manner, the personal loan landscape in India is evolving continuously. Personal loans are becoming easier and faster to borrow and lend. Personal loans are now available to practically everyone in the nation due to the growing popularity of digital financing. This great accessibility has led to significant growth in the nation's personal loan market throughout the years.

Current Personal Loan Trends in the Nation

Due to its unsecured nature and lack of requirement to disclose the purpose of the loan, personal loans have long been sought after by borrowers. Because of these shifting trends, demand for it as a financial instrument has increased during the last few years. Allow us to examine the historical development of financial products, with a focus on personal loans:

1. Lenders are becoming more competitive: The majority of banks and non-banking financial institutions (NBFCs) used to check personal loan applications with disdain in the past. Previously, a lot of lenders would either reject applications or require further proof from applicants to demonstrate their ability to repay loans. Right now, the situation is different. In order to enhance their overall loan sales and, consequently, their earnings, lenders seek to significantly expand sales of personal loans. Because there is fierce rivalry among personal loan providers, all of them are trying to draw in clients by streamlining the application procedure. Consequently, bank employees and banking relationship executives assist candidates in strengthening their personal loan eligibility requirements and successfully completing the loan application.

2. Applications for personal loans can be submitted online: Every day, sales of personal loans are rising thanks to online loan applications. To have their loan approved, borrowers no longer need to endure a laborious and time-consuming process. With a third-party financial website or the official website of a bank, you can apply for a personal loan online while lounging on your bed at home. The application process can be finished in a matter of minutes, and you will be able to compare the features of several loans. In the past, obtaining the loan amount from the bank required numerous trips to a particular branch. Due to the widespread use of cell phones, obtaining a loan these days is simple and obstacle-free.

3. Before applying for a personal loan, one can assess the costs involved: You are now able to see an accurate estimate of the cost of your personal loan. A personal loan calculator is an online tool that may be used to determine your equated monthly installments (EMIs) before choosing a loan. You may calculate your estimated monthly interest rate (EMI) for various loan amounts and terms by using this calculator. The loan amount can then be chosen based on your ability and need to repay it. Online EMI calculators were not available previously. There was a chance of inaccuracy while doing computations by hand.

4. Attractive interest rates are being charged by lenders: Banks and non-banking financial institutions charge fair interest rates for personal loans, keeping the needs of their clients in mind. The country's personal loan market has significantly improved thanks in large part to the availability of low-interest personal loans. When you apply online, you can evaluate different interest rates and select the one that best suits your needs. Personal loans normally have an interest rate that begins at 10.85%.

5. Different kinds of borrowers can choose from a variety of personal loan options: Depending on an individual's income and work position, banks can offer a variety of personal loan possibilities. Pensioners have access to special personal lending packages as well.

6. Credit score improvement is possible with personal loans: A personal loan will help you establish credit history. Enhancing your credit score is simple if you apply for a personal loan and make timely repayments. Your subsequent loan applications will be approved more quickly if you keep up a high credit score.

7. There are various options for repaying a personal loan: Standing Instruction (SI), Electronic Clearing Service (ECS), online banking, and other methods are just a few of the ways that borrowers can now pay back their loans. Since they no longer have to stand in line to repay a loan as they once did, borrowers greatly benefit from this.


Owing to the enormous demand for personal loans and the abundance of lenders, each one develops creative strategies to increase the number of loans it offers via digital channels. The process is quite easy to use, regardless of whether you want to research loan possibilities, apply for a loan, or pay off debt. Timeliness and paperless processes are the key components that consistently change personal loan applications.

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