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Users may edit, arrange, and analyse a variety of information types using Google Sheets. Collaborations are possible, and several users can format and edit files simultaneously. A revision history enables for the tracking of any spreadsheet modifications.

Within the Google Drive service, Google offers Google Sheets, a free online spreadsheet programme. Additionally, the programme is accessible as an Android, Windows, iOS, and BlackBerry mobile app as well as a desktop programme for ChromeOS. As well as hosting Google Docs, Slides, and Forms, Google Drive also hosts other Google products.

Users may edit, arrange, and analyse a variety of information types using Google Sheets. Collaborations are possible, and several users can format and edit files simultaneously. A revision history enables for the tracking of any spreadsheet modifications.

Features of Google Sheet 


The ability to update spreadsheets together in real-time is one of Google Sheets' primary advantages. A single document can be opened and changed by numerous users at once rather than having to send out emails to different recipients. Users can view all modifications made by other collaborators, and Google servers are automatically updated with each change.

Additionally, Google Sheets has a chat tool in the sidebar that enables team members to discuss adjustments in real-time and offer suggestions for certain changes. The Revision History tool allows you to follow the revisions that your partners make. A writer can go back and undo any unintended changes by reviewing earlier revisions.


In Google Sheets, the Explore feature employs machine learning to create new functionality. It was first released in September 2016. With the help of this function, you can input data to a spreadsheet and get a tonne of information that can be updated automatically based on the chosen data.

Users of the Explore function can pose queries, create pivot tables, make charts to visualise data, and arrange the spreadsheet with various colour schemes.For instance, if you are creating a monthly budget and have entered all of your expenses into the spreadsheet, you may utilise the Explore function to find out how much a particular expense, such as food, transportation, clothing, etc. would cost.

You can type your question into a box on the sidebar to get the response, which is there.  You can choose from a pivot table, pie chart, or bar chart from a list of suggested graphs that are indicative of the data input in the spreadsheet when you scroll down further in the Explore panel.

Benefits of Google Sheet 

A Data Structure

One of the simplest of spreadsheets' functions is data collection and organisation, where it is typically the go-to tool. It is simple to arrange information in orderly columns and rows before sorting it according to the type of information. Although viewing a big amount of data in its unprocessed form might be intimidating, capabilities in the programme enable the user to construct presentations where the data is analysed and put into pie charts or tables for straightforward viewing and understanding.

Makes Calculations More Simple

Nobody enjoys being forced to perform tedious computations all day long at work. Google sheets are extremely appealing because the software handles all of the user's maths. Complex calculations can be performed for the linked data that has been inputted with ease once a formula has been written and the programme has a set command. This enables users to quickly obtain the answers they require without having to redo the calculations when asking "what if" style inquiries.

When a variable, such as the cost per unit, shipping expenses, or sales discount, is modified in a spreadsheet that is configured to calculate your gross profit, for instance, the programme immediately recalculates the new gross profit based on the updated data.

 Access by several users

Multiple people in an office frequently need access to the same documents in today's collaborative work environment. Google sheets created in Microsoft Excel can be shared, but only one person can make changes to the data at once. Other users won't have access to the changed data if local copies are produced and updated. Google Sheets provides the option of file sharing and enables several people to access and update a single form.

Be mindful that there is no file history in any scenario. As a result, whenever modifications are made, regardless of who makes them, past information history is destroyed.

How to use Google Sheet 

Free to use, Google Sheets may be accessed via the Chrome web browser or the Google Sheets app on the Android or iOS operating systems. For the first step, users require a free Google account. Following these steps will allow you to create a new Google Excel Sheet:

  • Click "New" in the top left corner of the Google Drive Dashboard, then choose Google Sheets from the list of available options.

  • To start a new project, select File from the menu bar on the spreadsheet window. The spreadsheet will start out empty.

You can rename the spreadsheet by typing a new name in the "Untitled spreadsheet" field found in the upper left corner of the document. It is automatically saved in the root folder of your drive whenever a new Google spreadsheet is produced. Click the file while holding it in place, then drag it to the desired folder to relocate the spreadsheet there.

Common Terms 

The following are some of the phrases frequently used in relation to Google spreadsheets:

Cell: One data point in a cell.

Column: A vertical row of cells that descends from the sheet's top.

Row: A line of cells that spans the width of the sheet starting on the left.

Range: A number of cells that are chosen from among those in a column, row, or both.

Function: A Google Sheet built-in tool that is used to compute values and alter data.

 Formula: It is a set of interconnected functions, columns, rows, cells, and ranges that are used to produce a particular outcome.

Worksheet: A spreadsheet is made up of groups of rows and columns.

Spreadsheet: A whole document that includes Google Excel sheets. There can be multiple worksheets in a single spreadsheet.


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