8 Ways to Reduce Your Home Loan EMI


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Aug 22

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A home loan, however, can eventually strain your budget because it typically entails a sizable payment and a lengthy term. The good news is that there are strategies for reducing your EMIs.

With money available at reasonable rates and a longer repayment period, a home loan might assist you in paying for your ideal home. This lowers your EMIs, especially if you plan your payback using a house loan EMI calculator. 

A home loan, however, can eventually strain your budget because it typically entails a sizable payment and a lengthy term. The good news is that there are strategies for reducing your EMIs.

8 Helpful Ways of Reducing Your Home Loan EMIs

Your ability to pay for other responsibilities is increased when your house loan EMIs are reduced. Here are a few simple approaches to consider. 

  • Explore and contrast lenders options

Due to the wide range of lenders offering house loans with competitive terms, it is crucial to shop around and compare offers to make the best decision. Home loan EMI calculators are useful in situations like these. 

This tool is free to use online and allows you to compare the costs of borrowing for various loan terms and make an informed decision. Selecting a deal with a lower interest rate is the best course of action if you want to pay off your house loan more quickly. 

Examine the lender's standing, processing costs, and other loan costs while doing your research on potential mortgage lenders. Make sure you understand all the terms and conditions to prevent any surprises that can increase the cost of your borrowing.

  • Pick a Longer Loan Term

Your monthly payments are influenced by how long it takes to pay off your mortgage. As the number of payments rises over a longer term, your EMI falls. However, if you have a longer payback period, your overall interest payment may go up because you'll be paying interest for a longer time.

On the other side, a shorter term raises your EMI amount while lowering your overall interest rate. Finding the shortest duration that affords you a reasonable EMI amount using a house loan EMI calculator is the best approach to deal with this. 

  • Uphold a high credit rating

Another thing that can lower your home loan EMIs is keeping your credit score strong. Your credit score affects the terms of the house loan you qualify for as a determining factor of your creditworthiness. 

Lenders will view you as a reliable and low-risk borrower if your credit score is higher. This qualifies you for a mortgage with a low interest rate. Low borrowing rates and reasonable EMIs follow as a result.

A credit score of 750 or higher is ideal in the eyes of most lenders. Your credit rating is determined by the following:

  • Your credit report

  • Your payment history 

  • Your knowledge of various forms of credit

  • Currently held debt 

  • Your credit-to-debt ratio

Make prompt payments, keep your debt-to-income ratio at a reasonable level, and use credit sparingly to raise your credit score. 

  • Negotiate for a Better Rate

Home loan providers see you as a safe borrower if you have a high credit score. As a result, your negotiating position is stronger. You can use it to receive favourable conditions for repayment as well as other advantages. 

Here are some ideas to improve your negotiating position:

  • Display all of your income sources 

  • Maintain a good rapport with the lender.

  • Give evidence of your income and employment.

  • Schedule payments in advance

Mortgage lenders provide options for partial and early repayment. This refers to making a partial advance payment on your mortgage. Your principal amount decreases when you make a prepayment. As a result, your borrowing rates may be lower as you repay the loan earlier than anticipated. 

Prepayments might potentially lower your monthly payments. Your financial load is lighter and you have greater financial freedom thanks to a smaller monthly installment. Making additional mortgage payments whenever possible can therefore be advantageous. 

To allow you to make a prepayment, certain mortgage lenders, though, might charge you a fee. To determine whether the transfer is truly advantageous for you, compare this expense to the amount you will save.You can estimate this cost when applying and begin making prepayment arrangements right away.

  • Put Down a Larger Amount

Your monthly home loan payments can be greatly reduced by putting down a bigger amount. This is so that you can borrow less money if you put down a larger sum. Your EMIs will be lower as well because EMI payments are based on the principal sum. 

In addition, a smaller loan amount may result in cheaper interest rates, which can ease the burden of your EMI payments. 

  • Get a Personalised Offer That Has Been Pre-Approved.

Your monthly payments could be drastically lowered with a pre-approved home loan offer. After reviewing your credit history and determining that you are a high-credibility borrower with low risk, lenders may make you such an offer. 

As a result, you can obtain house loan rates that are more nominal. As a direct result of these decreased interest rates, monthly mortgage payments will be lower. 

  • Choose a balance transfer for your mortgage.

You can minimise your EMIs by transferring your house loan to a new lender who provides you with a lower interest rate. This makes it easier for you to repay while increasing your savings. Use the home loan balance transfer EMI calculator to evaluate different lenders before selecting a new one. 

You should compare the amount you stand to save with the cost of the balance transfer on your mortgage. This might assist you determine the option's viability and the ideal moment to choose it. In the first half of the term of your mortgage, balance transfers are typically more effective. 


These strategies can help you drastically lower the monthly payments on your mortgage. Your capacity to establish financial stability and make long-term savings depends on lowering your house loan EMIs.

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