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Sep 25

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In India, there are several different health insurance options, including senior citizen health insurance, family floaters, and individual plans. Therefore, you must first determine your needs before making a health plan purchase.

Undoubtedly, having health insurance is among the most important insurance plans you can have, especially in the current environment when there is a rise in the incidence of health issues at a young age. The need for obtaining health insurance is further emphasised by the exorbitant costs of medical care.

But regrettably, because health insurance doesn't offer any benefits unless you become ill, it is the most underutilised sort of insurance in India. Despite the fact that no one wants to get sick, health issues are an unavoidable aspect of life. As a result, it is crucial to maintain financial readiness in case of a health issue. You can't plan for illness, but you can surely keep your finances in order in case the worst happens.

In India, there are several different health insurance options, including senior citizen health insurance, family floaters, and individual plans. Therefore, you must first determine your needs before making a health plan purchase.

Here are seven guidelines to help you select the best health plan: -

 1. Find the appropriate protection

Choose a health plan that will protect you from a wide range of medical issues and offer advantages like pre- and post-hospitalization, nursery costs, transportation, illnesses that you may be more susceptible to given your family's medical history, etc. Examine the coverage to make sure it covers the requirements of each family member if you are purchasing health insurance for your entire family. To choose a plan that meets your needs, think about your requirements, contrast plans based on benefits and pricing, and exercise some due diligence.

2. Continue to be reasonable

While it's crucial to get a health plan that fulfills your demands, it's also important that it fits within your budget. When purchasing health insurance, the budget is a crucial consideration. However, you should think about the plan's benefits before you think about its cost. Purchasing a cheap health insurance plan up front can ensure that you are appropriately protected and that the premiums are reasonable. As your income, family size, and needs change over time, you can review your plan and adjust coverage as necessary.

3. Pick family health plans over individual ones

For people who don't have a family to support, individual insurance are a wonderful idea. A family health plan, however, will allow you to get the most advantages at a more reasonable cost if you are purchasing health insurance with your family in mind.

4. Pick a lifetime-renewable plan

When purchasing a health insurance policy, be cautious to verify whether the policy offers restricted renewability or how long it will cover you for. Why? due to the fact that your latter years will be when you most need a health plan. Select healthcare programmes that are renewable for life.

5.Online price comparisons 

Online comparisons of health insurance plans might help you choose a plan that meets your needs. Even better, you may "request a quote" online, which allows you to enter your information and obtain an estimated premium for your insurance. A decision should be made after gathering the best quotes and comparing them.

6. Coverage of network hospitals

Verify that the hospitals and doctors of your choice are part of the hospital network of the health plans you've chosen. Whenever possible, pick an insurance company with a large global network of hospitals. 

7. A high ratio of claims being resolved

The percentage of claims that have been resolved by the insurance company compared to all claims previously filed is known as the claim settlement ratio. Pick an insurance company that has a high ratio of claims settled. 

When you browse for health insurance, remember to use these suggestions to your advantage. Make the most of the investment you are making to protect yourself from having to pay for expensive medical treatment.


Having learned how to select from the numerous health insurance plans available in India, let us now explain how to purchase a plan. You can go to one of our 20,000 branches or designate agents for this; it's the simplest step.

You can be confident that they will guide you step-by-step through the entire purchasing procedure, making sure you walk out holding the policy document and beaming. Online health insurance purchasing is also an option. 

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