5 common myths about personal loans demystified


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Dec 23

05:45 AM

When you need money, read this research as we dispel five prevalent myths regarding personal loans, so you won't be deceived about this product or end up selecting a less desirable option.

Instant personal loans are widely used for a variety of purposes, including debt consolidation, emergency medical care, and home improvement. They are well-liked for their straightforward qualifying requirements, speedy disbursement, and lack of collateral requirements. Furthermore, it's now simpler than ever to apply for a loan because of the financial sector's quick adoption of technology.

However, despite all of its beneficial qualities, personal loans are also the focus of a few myths, which can discourage you from applying. When you need money, read this research as we dispel five prevalent myths regarding personal loans, so you won't be deceived about this product or end up selecting a less desirable option.

Myth Number 1

Both the application process and the payout times are drawn out

Many applicants—especially those who are applying for a personal loan for the first time—think that the application and verification process are drawn out. But this is not possible to be more untrue.Since immediate personal loans don't require collateral, they can be processed quickly and disbursed anywhere from a day to a week after approval. This is because they don't require lengthy verification or appraisal.

Myth Number 2 

High interest rates are associated with personal loans

Due to their high interest rates, personal loans are sometimes mistaken for being a costly form of financing. Generally speaking, though, lenders examine your ability to repay and your financial situation before determining what interest rate to charge you. You can obtain an immediate personal loan at a reasonable interest rate if you have strong credit and the ability to repay the loan. Furthermore, personal loans are typically less expensive than many other unsecured credit options.

You can obtain a fair interest rate if your credit score is 750 or above. Additionally, the lender provides quick personal loans with total transparency—no additional fees of any kind.

Myth Number 3 

You cannot obtain a personal loan if your credit score is too low

Your credit score becomes essential to eligibility requirements for a personal loan because it is an offer without collateral. Even though a high score is preferred, a low score does not automatically mean that you will be rejected. Some lenders could take into account additional elements that are crucial to your eligibility, like your earnings and ability to repay loans. But keep in mind that a low credit score could lead to less attractive terms, including a higher interest rate.

Myth Number 4

Only banks are able to provide personal loans

Borrowers also mistakenly believe that banks are the exclusive source for personal loans. The truth is that banks make up a sizable share of the lending institutions available in the market. Still, there are a number of Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs) that provide quick personal loans with convenient terms and minimal qualifying requirements. 

Myth Number 5 

Paying back personal loans will be expensive

This is only true if you make poor financial decisions and your debt payments exceed your income. Your household spending, set responsibilities, and current debt repayment should all be taken into account while making plans. The monthly payments on your loans shouldn't throw your finances into turmoil or make it difficult for you to make ends meet and settle debts. To precisely estimate your spending and compute the interest on your loan, utilize an online calculator.

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